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Our Dream

Our dream is to employ underprivileged women who are seeking ways to support themselves and their families. 

Our Three Goals

We have three goals in which our business operates around. 

1. Enabling the Principles of Becoming Self

2.Empowering Female Businesses

3. Supporting the Underprivileged

All of our employees are female, and we advocate for the rights of women. We encourage our employees to embrace the power that they possess in being female and honor them for their contributions to this world and our business. 

Many of our employees are underprivileged and looking for opportunities. We strive to lend a helping hand to those that need it the most. Mamma Z does that by giving them an opportunity to better their present conditions. 

Our third and final goal is helping our employees become self-sufficient. We help set them up with the materials and resources that they need in order to start their own small businesses in the future.

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