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Meet our family

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Our family

Rosalba Zepeda is passionate about food and shares her love of food through Mamma Z. The small business has a family atmosphere, where everyone is welcome.

Nixtamalization Process

We pride ourselves in creating quality products. Our wide variety of food items includes tortillas, tamales, chips and salsas. Mamma Z believes making our products non-GMO and gluten free makes them healthier. We also utilize a unique process called nixtamalization.

Nixtamalization is an ancient culinary practice, which requires delicacy and patience. It was first recorded among the Aztec by Bernardino de Sahagun. This process quickly spread throughout central and North America, and eventually made its way to Europe. Along the way, groups of people changed it to suit their geographical location, food preferences and dietary needs.


Nixtamalization is a process that Mamma Z is proud to use for our products. 

This process is commonly used in the making of tortillas and other corn-based foods.

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The maize is cooked with lime and steeped in cooking water. After steeping is complete, the corn kernels are washed to remove any remaining debris or excess lime.

Process Details

Nixtamal is produced and ground to generate soft dough. This is the base ingredient for the tortillas. 

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